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  design, Emily Geldermann/ 3D animation, Joe Keener III

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Joe Keener III is a professional creative artist (set designer & scenic artist, 2D/ 3D digital rendering & motion graphics designer, projections designer & painter) with over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of settings; for uniquely different clients, companies and viewers. With each design and artistic job he works on, Joe has a concentrated attention to quality preparation, materials, finishes & delivery;  specialized software practice and education, and creative problem-solving related to the unique requirements of the job at hand.              

Joe’s extensive practical and artistic ‘on the job’ experience, acquired working in theatrical, industrial, entertainment, commercial, architectural and educational painting & design fields, gives him the ability to handle most any design, scenic painting, digital rendering, video editing, animation or visual art challenge.

His ability to independently take on relatively small, or larger scale technical tasks and/or to oversee a crew on more complex projects makes him prepared for every creation in a professional, creative and time-sensitive way.